Against the imperialist intervention in Syria – Anti-war and anti-imperialist struggle

Over the last few days, the whole world has been following with bated breath the escalation of the imperialist aggression by the West forces of USA, France and Britain, having the support of NATO and EU, which have launched over a hundred missiles against Syria, just after the Zionist’s war machine military strike. The attempt to justify their brutal colonialist policy, ( as the assault of USA in Syria in April 2017) , using the argument of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime – the moment when it is regaining control over the jihadis, in most of the country’s districts –can only be characterized as ridiculous and unfounded. Let alone if we recall the war propaganda of the West in 2003, about the Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass distruction, in order to justify the imperialist intervention in Iraq. In fact, the assault was hurried before even the OPCW conducted a search for chemical weapons.
The same US-led imperialist powers bombed Yugoslavia and turned Afghanistan and Iraq into“failed states”, wiping out entire populations. Those powers are responsible for the contemporary chaos in Libya, which has now become a slave trade hub for refugees and other victims of imperialism. They are those who sponsored neo-nazis in Ukraine and now support its neoliberal and neonazi government. They are the only real terrorists on earth who, along with the fascist regime of Turkey and the Gulf monarchies, did not hesitate to reinforce ISIS and all kinds of jihadists and the so-called “Syrian opposition” (FSA) to overthrow the Syrian government , in order to ensure their dominance over the Middle East, following the instability they themselves caused.Those powers, while claiming to promote democracy and human rights, do not hesitate to cooperate with the most reactionary and authoritarian regimes (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and the “rogue-state” of Israel, are responsible for the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time in Yemen.
The escalation of the Euro-Atlantic intervention against the Syrian people, who already mourns 500.000 dead and millions of refugees, comes at a critical historical time. The protracted structural crisis of the capitalist system has not been overcome, economic growth rates are inadequate, labor-capitalist contradictions are constantly increasing at the international level, and the threat of war appears as the next step in the recovery of capitalist profitability and imperialistic looting.
The imperialist US-NATO-EU interventions are aimed at securing their hegemony in the Middle East, as the military rise of the nuclear superpower of Russia threatens their interests. The strategic conflict between the US and its allies with Russia, as confirmed by the new Strategic Doctrine of Trump targeting Russia and China as the main competitors of the US, the sanctions against Russia and its encirclement by NATO troops, the increase of NATO military presence in Europe, raises the risk of a generalized war in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular. In a region trubled by long term conflicts between powerful regional forces (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey), unresolved historical issues ( Kurdistan, Palaistine) and constantly shifting alliances, NATO is concentrating its military forces to counter other emerging capitalist powers (Russia, China), thus creating the circumstances of a new round of war.
At the same time, the US is in a direct confrontation and trade war with China (the world’s second economy), threatens North Korea with nuclear havoc and destabilizes the Balkans reaffirming its dominance over the region. With the ruling classes sponsoring nationalism, fascism is being ressurected, while the intra-imperialist contradictions between US -Germany and UK-EU after the Brexit, draw divisions in the Euro-Atlantic’s front unity.Meanwhile, the contradictions between regional actors and the conflict of interests between multinational giants for the explotation of the energy fields pose the risk of a distructive military confrontation.
Greece, as a NATO and EU member, sits in the most inflamable region of the planet and anything but “a pillar of stability” could be characterized, as US ambassador in Greece said. In the light of neverending memorandums of imperialist guardianship, unemployment, insecurity and poverty, the greek state continues to contribute the highest percentage of its GDP (second only to the USA) to NATO needs. While the memorandums caused the biggest post-war redistribution of wealth from the lower to the ruling classes, the whole country has been transformed into a launching base of imperialist interventions (ships and airplanes that bombed Syria departed from NATO’s Souda base, in Crete). The government of SYRIZA-ANEL, is also acountable for the dramatic situation in Syria, despite its hypocritical compassion towards the people of Syria. As society’s stantards of life dramatically deteriorate, war in Aegean is becoming more and more possible due to the opportunism of the local comprador bourgeois class and the emerging role of Turkey as a regional power seeks to consolidate an independent policy.
On the one hand, the Greek state under the government of SYRIZA-ANEL, participates in the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel, forming an alliance with the dictatorship of general Sisi, and cooperates in a defensive and military level with the terrorist state of Israel, which is responsible for the suffering of the palaistinian people. On the other hand, the fascist regime of Erdogan, under a parliamentary guise, resumes its genocidal policy against the heroic kurdish people, invades in Syria, violates democratic rights and liberties and sends the historical turkish Revolutionary Left to the firing squad.
In the given historical context, where humanity’s very existence is being threatened by an all-out war, it is the revolutionary forces duty to prevent a new bloodbath of the peoples. People have nothing to gain from imperialist wars and the opportunism of the bourgeoisie. Let us form a popular, militant, anti-war and internationalist movement in order to halt the imperialist war machine. We should organize the anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples to sabotage the local dependent oligarchies and governments, which willingly support the imperialist crimes. The time is ripe for an anti-war uprising of the youth and the workers to overthrow the most dangerous imperialist policy of USA, NATO and EU, for we will not become canon fodder for their profits. For only in that way can the peoples defend peace and gain back their independence, opening the way to the defeat of imperialism, and social emancipation.


CLASS COUNTERATTACK (Anarchists and Communists group)

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